Friday, 10 May 2013

tej kohli Costa Rica

Well, if there were any doubts about the caracter of the Cirrus casino staff, read this story, a true story for one unknown player that made the mistake of to visit the "headquarters" of Cirrus casino in Costa Rica. He had some payouts pending for a long time and he was spending holidays in CR .
"Firstly I would like to apologise for not using my real alias as I am quite petrified by this group and I would like you to know the story.A year ago I was playing at Cirrus Casino and lost around $x,xxx no big deal.a couple of weeks later I started to gamble on sports at an outfit known as Royal Sports I deposited $x,xxx and built my balance through playing Teasers to $x,xxx. I then requested a cashout a modest amount - not too high. I got told by them I need to wait as they wish evaluate my play. So I did.
A couple of weeks later while I was in Costa Rica I decided to stop by in a place called Office Centro near Sabana Park. They were based on the 7th building of office centro on the 7th floor. Same building as another book I gamble at called Bodog. Betroyal and Cirrus I found out are owned by the same guy Tej Kohli Soon as I arrived on the 7th floor and introduced myself I was met by some sinster columbian looking bodyguards dressed in slick suits. Also by an acne covered indian guy in his mid 40s who appeared to be screaming his head off at some guys in the office. Not a great way to meet the owner I later found out. Anyway I was asked to leave of which I did, after spending less than 10 minutes then made my way to a resturant to grab some food. Little did I know the security guards followed me all the way there and warned me by hitting me around never to ask ever again about a cashout or mention on forums or they will have me killed. They also hit me around a few times which took me by total surprise. As you can imagine this put me off online gambling for life... and only recently after seeing some good operations such as VIP etc... have I started gambling online. People like this group need to be put to rest and never allowed to operate an online gambling outfit or any business.We need to join together and fight this crime.."